Fatherhood is difficult, but rewarding.

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Fatherhood: Take the President’s Pledge


If you are a father, you already know Fatherhood is tough. Fatherhood is the ultimate form of leadership. Being a good father takes a lot of time and effort, but provides us opportunities every single day to leave positive lasting impressions on our children.

Why do married men cheat?

I am a husband and father. I find myself getting up early, working a full day to return home to my wife and kids. I love fatherhood. I love my family. I love my wife.

I’ve been telling my wife for 6 months that something is wrong. That we aren’t as connected as we were at one time. I know it. She knows it. I’ve pointed out that our sex life is nil and her complaint is that she is tired. Are you kidding me? I’m tired too but, I still want to make love to her. I still want to spend time with her. I want to drape my fingers up and down her back.

The stresses of home, career, and lack of good sex.

Life has seemed more stressful recently.  You can feel the tension in the air at my office and when I get home there is no time to unwind due to our new bundle of joy.

There have been a great number of changes at my office in the last six months.  Everything from policies and procedures to employees coming and going.  At one point, it was a mass exodus.  We basically wiped the slate clean (with the exception of a few key people) and started all over.  This was very beneficial for us as a company.  But, now I am starting to see

First phone conversation with my son.

The other night I was leaving the office and called my wife.  This nightly phone call is a normal practice to let her know I am on my way home from work.  On this night my wife did not answer the phone.  To my surprise, my oldest son who is two

The best thing about being a father.

If you read the last two entries of this blog you probably starting thinking this was going to be a blog geared toward bashing fatherhood, parenting, and/or marriage. If that’s what you were thinking you are only partially correct. I actually have plenty of positive things to write about as well.

Demanding career and home life.

My job can be demanding at times. Most nights I don’t leave the office until 6pm and many nights are later.

Last night I’m walking to my car when I get a phone call from my wife, “Are you coming home?” Mind you, the tone isn’t exactly pleasant. I reply, “I’m on my way, honey.” She then hangs up the phone without saying goodbye. Really?

A father’s bond to his child.

The bond to your child is amazing. When my first son was born I recall thinking how amazing it was my wife could so immediately be attached to this little person.

Just recently we had our second son. A day or two later, while still in the hospital, my wife said, “Isn’t it amazing how one moment they aren’t here and the next minute they are?

Fatherhood is difficult, but rewarding.

Life as a father is difficult from many standpoints. The pressures of life can be stressful. In fact, many men will not talk about the struggles or stresses of being a father for fear they will be viewed in a negative light. Let’s be honest, I am one of those men.

I am a husband, a father to two boys, and a successful professional. I love my wife, my boys, and my career. However, my own selfishness and frustrations get the better of me. Keep reading this blog and learn more about my life. I have a feeling you will be able to relate or criticize most blog postings.